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5 Must-Have Pieces of Indigenous Art for a Beautiful Home


In today’s world, where the essence of culture and tradition is highly sought after, indigenous art stands out as a vibrant and meaningful element for both home and office decor. Dreamtimez, a treasure trove of Aboriginal art and decor, offers a range of items that are not just visually stunning but also rich in history and culture. This blog will guide you through five must-have pieces from Dreamtimez that will bring the spirit of Australia’s indigenous heritage into your living or work space.

cushion covers Dreamtimez

Cushion Covers by Aboriginal Artists

  • A simple yet impactful way to introduce indigenous art into your home or office is through cushion covers. Dreamtimez showcases a variety of cushion covers, each designed by Aboriginal artists like Carolyn Tjruwa Dunn, Megan Lyons, and Rhubee Neale. These covers are not just beautiful pieces of art; they tell stories of the artists’ connections to their land and heritage. For instance, Carolyn Dunn’s “My Country” cushion cover offers a bird’s eye view of her homeland in the APY Lands, South Australia. Each cushion cover comes with the artist’s story, making it a meaningful addition to any space.

Tote Shoulder Bag by Megan Umuka Lyons

  • For those who appreciate practical art, the Tote Shoulder Bag featuring Megan Umuka Lyons’ “My Grandfathers Country” is a perfect choice. This 100% cotton bag is not only stylish but also functional, ideal for daily use or as a unique gift. It showcases the artist’s connection to her grandfather’s Tjukurra, depicting the story of the Wanampi, a mythical water serpent associated with her grandfather’s birth Country.

Vases with Indigenous Artwork

  • Vases are an elegant way to incorporate art into your home or office. Dreamtimez offers vases like the ones by Janet Golder Kngwarreye and Rhubee Neale. These vases feature original artwork and represent various aspects of the artists’ homeland and life experiences. For instance, Janet Golder’s vase presents a panoramic view of her desert country in the wet season, while Rhubee Neale’s vase focuses on the theme of connections and roots.

Aboriginal Prints and Canvas Art

  • Wall art is a classic way to bring character to any room, and Dreamtimez’s collection of prints and canvas art by Aboriginal artists is a testament to this. With artists like Janet Golder and Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa, these pieces bring the Australian landscape and stories into your space. Janet Golder’s “My Country” in desert colours and Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa’s “Connections” are just a few examples of the beautiful artwork available.

Silk Tie by Selina Napaljarri Malbunka

  • For a unique and sophisticated touch, consider the silk tie featuring Selina Napaljarri Malbunka’s “Water Dreaming”. This piece is not just a fashion statement but also a conversation starter, representing a deep connection to the artist’s Aboriginal heritage.

Incorporating indigenous art into your home or office is not just about decorating a space; it’s about embracing and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Australia. Each piece from Dreamtimez is a testament to the artists’ stories and connection to their land. Whether you’re looking for a subtle addition or a standout piece, these indigenous artworks are sure to add beauty and depth to your environment.

Visit Dreamtimez to explore these and many more pieces of Aboriginal art, and bring a piece of Australia’s rich cultural heritage into your life.

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