Tasmania moves Greater Brisbane to medium-risk, Victoria to low-risk coronavirus rating

Greater Brisbane’s coronavirus risk rating will be scaled down in Tasmania effective immediately, from high risk to medium risk.

Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein said that meant travellers from Greater Brisbane would be able to travel to Tasmania, but would still need to quarantine at a suitable residence or government hotel at their own expense.

The Greater Sydney and Wollongong areas remain at a medium-risk rating.

Updates on requirements for travellers from both states are expected later this week.

The state of Victoria has been deemed a low-risk location.

Queensland announced one new case in hotel quarantine today, and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was likely local restrictions there would lift by Friday.

Mr Gutwein said Queensland appeared to be “right on top” of the situation in the state, but cited the risks associated with the UK strain of COVID-19.

“By this coming Friday .. I’d be hopeful that subject to the situation in Brisbane … we could move to classify Greater Brisbane as low-risk, meaning a return to unrestricted travel from the Greater Brisbane area,” he said.

There were no new coronavirus cases recorded in NSW today, but six were reported yesterday.

From this Friday, it will be mandatory to wear facemasks in airport terminals, including in outdoor drop-off and pick-up areas, and on commercial flights in Tasmanian airspace.

Mr Gutwein acknowledged the change may be “strange” for some Tasmanians, but said “it’s just the way it’s going to be”.

“Those [people who] have flown already will note that in many cases, people are wearing masks on planes, in fact the vast majority are,” he said.

“My message there is with the UK variant … this is important, it’s an additional lawyer of safety.”

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Rising heat far more serious long-term threat than Covid-19


As a doctor working in the Northern Territory for the last 16 years “it is impossible not to see accelerating heat as the greatest problem Territorians face,” says Dr Simon Quilty.

“In the long term it is far more serious than Covid-19.”

Dr Quilty (pictured, photo supplied) moved from Katherine, where he spent eight years, to Alice Springs at the end of 2019. He continues to treat patients here while also conducting research with colleagues at the Australian National University.

The results, to be published internationally later this year, will show clear evidence over recent decades that the NT’s death rates are going up in line with our rising temperatures.

“There is a lot of international interest in what is happening with climate change in the Northern Territory,” says Dr Quilty.

“We have the resources to keep data, and the heat impacts here are so extreme.

“People around the world are watching, because it will help them prepare.”

He sees this as an opportunity for the NT to get on the front foot, showing leadership not only in understanding the impacts on health, but in making the necessary adaptations and mitigating our carbon footprint.

This opportunity is severely compromised by actions such as fracking, which “can only be seen as contributing to climate change,” he says.

“We must do all that we can to keep carbon in the ground. When states decide to frack, that sends a very clear message, that we don’t care about the impacts.”

Dr Quilty’s focus on these issues was sparked by seeing patients coming to hospital with heat-related injuries in Katherine, a town that experiences incredibly hot weather.

There has been “a lack of medical voices” articulating the significant health impacts for Territorians but that is changing, he says: “Every colleague is as concerned as I am.”

In the lead-up to the 2020 NT election, this was evidenced when a coalition of health and social welfare organisations called on the NT government to “urgently address the health threats posed by rising temperatures and climate change in the Territory”, outlining policy recommendations, including a Heat-Health Action Plan. The signatories included AMSANT, the peak body for Aboriginal medical services, the Public Health Association, Jesuit Social Services, the Purple House, and NTCOSS.

An emerging issue, not actually mentioned in that pre-election call, is the effect of rising heat on the recruitment of health professionals. This is something Dr Quilty has been looking at with his colleagues at ANU.

As climate change makes the NT a much more challenging place to live in, “it is very much impacting on our capacity to recruit and retain nurses, doctors, and other health staff.”

And this just at the time when increased heat is “killing and injuring on a scale much bigger than has been recognised”.

We already know that Territorians are two to three times more likely to die on a hot day as on a cool day.

When they’re over 50, that jumps to six times more likely.

Dr Quilty’s research will show that these rates are only going one way – up.

People particularly susceptible are those with heart disease, kidney disease, lung disease, diabetes, hypertension as well as the elderly and the very young, with Indigenous people over-represented in all categories.

Suicide rates are also quite substantially higher in hotter weather, which likely points to heat impacting on mental health more broadly.

An important threshold is days over 40. When there’s a run of such days, hospitals see a spike in presentations: “There’s no reporting, but it’s definitely happening,” says Dr Quilty.

In 2019, his last year in the Katherine area, it experienced an extraordinary number of such days. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, Tindal RAAF base, 15 kilometres from the town, recorded 54 days of 40 °C or above in 2019, easily exceeding the previous record of 20 set in 2013.

Further, Tindal had never observed more than 10 consecutive days of 40 °C before 2019, but had a consecutive run of 16 such days in November and 15 in December. Tindal also exceeded its previous highest temperature of 42.5 °C, recorded in 2006, a total of six times in 2019, peaking with a maximum temperature of 43.1 °C on 6 December 2019.

In 2020 Tindal again stood out, with the highest mean daily maximum temperature for the NT, 35.6 – 1.6 degrees above average.

A difficulty for doctors as they work, says Dr Quilty, is making an immediate correlation between heat and their patient’s condition because they see the patient in an air-conditioned environment. A solution to this, when it comes to understanding the big picture, is to use the readily available technological means to couple death data with large-scale environmental datasets so that impact assessments can be done.

Dr Quilty and colleagues are also calling for death certification to be modernised, with the certifying forms prompting doctors to record external factors, such as extreme heat, contributing to death.

Solid data will hopefully convince governments and communities to make the necessary investments in adaptive infrastructure to prepare for our hotter future. Better urban design, cooling our public places, is essential, but the highest priority must be given to investment in housing.

The NT’s rate of homelessness is the highest in Australia (12 times the national average, according to NT Shelter), and housing standards, particularly in remote communities, are poor.

These issues only “amplify the heath effects” of heat stress, says Dr Quilty.

Images: It was one of those summer days – hot, humid and the air thick with dust – when our poor urban design really made itself felt: at top, the baking, deliberately denuded area abutting the new suburb of Kilgariff; below, view from a window at the Alice Springs Hospital, where I happened to be visiting. It shows the broad unshaded expanse at the entrance – there are planting beds with gravel and rocks instead of plants.

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2020 weather in perspective

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GWS Giants AFLW player Brid Stack released from hospital after neck injury in trial game

Greater Western Sydney’s Irish import Brid Stack has been released from hospital after suffering a fractured vertebra in an AFLW practice match in Adelaide.

Play was stopped in the fourth quarter of the game at Norwood Oval on Sunday after a collision.

They were fears Stack may have severely injured her spine after she was stretchered off the field.

The 34-year-old player was taken to hospital by paramedics after spinal protocols were enacted.

But in a statement released on Monday, the Giants said scans revealed Stack had a stable fracture of the C7 vertebra and no injury to surrounding nerves.

She will be required to wear a neck brace but will not be required to undergo surgery.

Stack was released from hospital late on Sunday night and will re-join the Giants squad in Adelaide for her rehabilitation.

“Bríd and her family have made incredible sacrifices to come to Australia to play in the AFL Women’s competition and we will be supporting them all the way through her recovery.”

Stack is entering her first AFLW season after a successful career in Gaelic football.

The 11-time All-Ireland winner for Cork joined the Giants last year and has been living in Australia with her husband and one-year-old son.

She spent Christmas in hotel quarantine in Perth with her family before joining her new teammates in Sydney.


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Biden inauguration: Fortified US statehouses see some small protests

More than 25,000 National Guard troops are being deployed to secure Washington. In a sign of just how worried officials are about potential unrest,

Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told the Associated Press on Sunday that all Guard members were being vetted because of fears of an insider threat.

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Man ‘wants to be a better person’ after luxury goods theft

A man who claims he sought support but instead found himself caught up in a Byron hinterland break-in where a haul of valuables was stolen “wants to be a better person”, a court has heard.

Jarrod Cameron, 25, from Port Macquarie, had pleaded guilty to aggravated break-and-enter over the March 22, 2020 theft of numerous valuables from a Coorabell home.

Defence lawyer Tom Ivey told the court Cameron moved north and met his co-accused before going to stay with him in Byron Bay, Tweed Heads Local Court heard on Friday.

“Mr Cameron meets up with him, is offered support from (the co-accused),” Mr Ivey said.

“He got there and it turned out in fact (the other man) was using prohibited drugs.”

Mr Ivey said both men were soon using drugs daily and it was a “poor environment” for his client.

When the break-in unfolded, Mr Ivey said his client and the co-accused “were up all night driving around”.

“He says … (the co-accused) drives past an address where he says words to the effect of: ‘I’ve checked this place out before’,” Mr Ivey said.

“He’s there, when he’s told in effect that it’s happening.”

Mr Ivey said his client had a “high degree of insight” about the offence and expressed “shame and regret” about what happened.

“He said to me he wants to be a better person,” Mr Ivey said.

According to court documents, the occupant of the home returned about 11am the day of the incident to find many items stolen, including high-end jewellery, a passport, a fur jacket and many other valuables.

A crowbar, and black cap were located in a bedroom while a glove was later found on the property.

Police executed a search warrant at the home in Byron Bay, where the pair were living, on March 22.

Cameron was arrested by police in Port Macquarie on June 23.

Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy took into account Cameron’s past offences but also found he was “genuinely remorseful”.

He convicted Cameron and sentenced him to 18 months’ prison.

He will first be eligible for parole in August this year.

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Queenslanders urged not to be complacent as Tropical Cyclone Kimi barrels closer

Far-north Queensland residents are battening down the hatches, with a tropical cyclone possibly strengthening before it crosses the coast in the next 24 hours.

The Bureau of Meteorology said category one Tropical Cyclone Kimi was barrelling south about 90km east of Cairns at 11am AEDT on Monday.

Kimi is a compact but powerful storm, which the bureau says may intensify into a category two system with gusts up to 130km/h before it turns southwest and crosses the coast late on Monday night or on Tuesday.

The cyclone is expected to make landfall between Innisfail and Lucinda.

However, the forecasters warned that could change, with the unstable system hard to predict.

“Tropical Cyclone Kimi continues to move slowly southwards and is likely to get closer to the coast later today,” the BOM said in a statement.

“The system may intensify a little further to a category two system.”

“Based on the current forecast track, the cyclone may cross the coast overnight or Tuesday between about Innisfail and Lucinda; however, there remains considerable uncertainty with the crossing time and location.”

Residents of the whole warning area from Port Douglas to Ayr, including Cairns and Townsville, are being told to prepare for gales up to 120km/h, heavy rains and abnormally high tides.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is urging people to listen carefully to media reports and updates on where the cyclone moves.

“Everybody in the north, in the far north of our state, should be listening to the media reports very very closely because the bureau will be giving those reports every three hours, and we’ll be giving a further update from the state government this afternoon,” she told reporters.

People between Port Douglas and Lucinda are being urged to get ready and secure their boats and homes in particular.

“I know we’re Queenslanders, I know we go through cyclones every single year but please do not be complacent,” Police Minister Mark Ryan said.

Previously Cyclone Kimi was expected to make landfall between Innisfail and Lucinda on Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Bureau of Meteorology

The bureau also warns that heavy rainfall could bring flash flooding and major river flooding to coastal and hinterland areas between Port Douglas and Ayr on Monday and Tuesday.

Mr Ryan said a flood watch was issued for waterways including the Jeannie, Endeavour, Daintree, Mossman, Barron, Mulgrave, Russell, Johnstone, Tully, Murray and Herbert rivers.

“So if you’re in those areas you need to prepare … if it’s flooded forget it, have a plan about where you’ll be travelling, bear in mind where those river catchments are, be aware that during this event you could have flash flooding,” he said.

Parts of the Wooroonooran, Girramay and Paluma Range national parks, and the Abergowrie State Forest, have been closed.

With the cyclone set to dump rain on large parts of Queensland’s interior, flood warnings have also been issued for a number of inland rivers.

The Norman and Gilbert rivers in the Gulf Country and most of the Queensland tributaries of Lake Eyre could break their banks.

The cyclone comes as the United Nation’s World Meteorological Organization named 2016, 2019 and 2020 the world’s hottest years on record.

The WMO said the average global temperature in 2020 was about 14.9 degrees Celsius – a figure 1.2 C above the pre-industrial (1850-1900) level.

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Fourth Test between Australia and India could have been played in Perth instead of Brisbane: Dirk Nannes

With just four Tests played over the current Australian summer, ABC Sport commentator Dirk Nannes has questioned why Brisbane was given hosting rights instead of Perth.

The hard-fought series between Australia and India has been played in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, while the new Perth Stadium going without a Test.

The series is going down to the wire at the Gabba, with Australia seeking a win to clinch the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. India only require a draw.

Nannes said the investment in Perth Stadium and the quality of the cricket played on the grounds meant there was a strong argument to play a match in WA ahead of Brisbane.

“They’ve just put a billion dollars into a stadium and put on a great Test match when they’ve had it there,” he said.

Australia’s superb record at the ‘Gabbatoir’ is often raised as a reason to hold a game there, with the hosts having not lost a Test in Brisbane since 1988/89.

“Or do you pick it on your place that puts on the best product?”

Nannes’s comments about the viability of the Brisbane Test came in the wake of low crowd numbers on day four. The crowd capacity had been limited to 10,000 each day due to coronavirus concerns, but the Monday crowd was a fraction of that.

“There’s only 2,200 people who find it entertaining enough to turn up and watch,” Nannes said.

“I just feel like it’s a trend over the years that people aren’t coming to the Brisbane Test in the numbers that you get elsewhere,” he said, pointing out that it was still school holidays in Queensland.

SCG and MCG have the advantage of consistent dates

The Test and series are evenly poised.(AP: Tertius Pickard)

Fellow commentator Quentin Hull said it was harder for Queenslanders to blank out their diaries for the annual Test, as it wasn’t on a set date.

“Everyone has lower crowds on day four. Aside from Melbourne and Sydney, you aren’t sure when the Test will be played each year,” Hull said.

“Melbourne is always on on Boxing Day. The SCG is always in the New Year.

“This is an event that doesn’t have a set date in the calendar.”

Nannes admitted the Brisbane pitch was of a high standard.

“This is my favourite cricket pitch in the country.

“You need an atmosphere. You need bums on seats in Australia. And the ground is somewhat antiquated.

“I just feel with the amount of investment that has gone into Perth — and you don’t just chase the money — but [also] the quality of cricket Perth has put on in the last few years, they might deserve it.

“This topic generates discussion every year, and it’s always going to be along state lines.”

Both Nannes and Hull agreed they would like to see more Tests played, even if it doesn’t generate the revenue of limited-overs cricket.

In 2019 former Australian batsman Ed Cowan called the Gabba a “concrete bowl”.

“Brisbane is not a great place to watch Test cricket. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, you’re in a concrete bowl,” he said

“There’s nothing great about the Gabba except probably the wicket.”

Listen to live coverage of Australia vs India on ABC Sport.

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Trump administration record puts America first

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

OAN Newsroom
UPDATED 10:05 AM PT – Sunday, January 17, 2021

As President Trump’s first term in office comes to a close, Americans are reflecting on the impact he’s had over the past four years.

Among these accomplishments was an unprecedented economic boom in which America gained millions of jobs and unemployment reached record lows. In the process, the President prioritized American workers and families, including minorities.

“We have seen African Americans way up and Hispanic-Americans way up and people have seen that,” President Trump said. “You know, I’ve said — with regard to the black community — I’ve done more than any other president with the exception of Abraham Lincoln.”

The President also made waves in deregulation, which provided aid to American workers and businesses while bolstering U.S. energy independence.

“We got you the biggest regulation cuts,” President Trump stated. “There’s no president…that got anywhere near to the regulation cuts. It used to take 20 years to get a highway approved.”

His administration also improved ‘fair and reciprocal trade,’ which put America first and ending the “NAFTA nightmare.”

Even amid a worldwide pandemic, the President managed to save millions of lives with his actions to tackle COVID-19. From banning travel from China to the historic accomplishments of Operation Warp Speed, his administration has carried the nation on its way to recovery.

In terms of healthcare, President Trump granted Americans choice and affordability in their care.

“We pay the lowest price in the world, protect social security and medicare,” the President noted. “And we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions.”

President Trump also kept his promise to secure American borders by making great progress in building a wall on the southern border. He also bolstered the nation’s international leadership by rebuilding our military with more than $2 trillion in defense spending.

TOPSHOT – US President Donald Trump participates in a ceremony commemorating the 200th mile of border wall at the international border with Mexico in San Luis, Arizona, June 23, 2020. (Photo by SAUL LOEB / AFP) (Photo by SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

All in all, from the day he was sworn in to office in 2017, the President has never failed to put America first.

MORE NEWS: Biden Seeks To Legalize 11M Immigrants On ‘First Day’


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Tropical Cyclone Kimi intensifies to category two with warnings extended to Bowen

Tropical Cyclone Kimi has intensified to a category two as it moves south, with a Cyclone Watch now declared to Bowen.

Towns from Innisfail to Ayr, in Far North Queensland, including Lucinda, Palm Island and Townsville are in the warning zone.

The cyclone is currently moving south-southeast and is likely to continue in the same direction throughout the night, bringing with it destructive winds with gusts of up to 150 kilometres per hour, and heavy rainfall.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the system was now expected to slow and stall off the coast between Hinchinbrook Island and Townsville on Tuesday, while beginning to weaken.

But it warned, “considerable uncertainty” remained over the future movement of the system and there was a possibility it could cross as a category two cyclone between Hitchinbrook Island and Townsville overnight or Tuesday morning.

More than 200 people have been evacuated from Fitzroy Island off Cairns as a precautionary measure, and Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said it was important for locals to stay up to date with current alerts as the cyclone could change course.

Two women in face masks look at a map on a table.
Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Queensland Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll track Tropical Cyclone Kimi.(Twitter)

Assistant District Officer Mark Lingwood said emergency services were preparing for the extreme weather and deploying staff to the regions where it was predicted the system could make landfall.

“As with any cyclones, we’re never sure exactly where it’s going to go, it’s anticipated it may cross between Cardwell and Lucinda, but there’s nothing stopping it making a right-hand turn and coming into Cairns,” he said.

“QPS are pre-deploying officers from the Cairns area down to the Tully and Cardwell area and also bringing police officers up to the Ingham area.

He urged people not to travel if possible, and to check road closures if they do need to leave their homes.

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Are You Feeling Very Stressed? These Tips Will Help You Relax

We present you a series of easy-to-do activities that will allow you to rest without neglecting your business.

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

The great importance of vacations for all those who work is proven. However, there is a sector that, due to the obligations that their work implies, puts them aside, not without suffering the consequences of that decision: entrepreneurs .

When you work as an employee you know that every month you will receive your salary, because you signed a contract. Something similar happens with the holidays that will arrive at a certain time. However, for people who create their own businesses the situation is different; They are always busy and cannot put their obligations aside, because much of their functioning depends on it.

What many do not know is that in addition to rest, vacations represent the period where creativity most flourishes. On the contrary, without them, you can make bad decisions, creativity is blocked and you end up seeing everything fuzzy.

To make things easier for you, here are some activities that don’t take as much time and that will allow you to rest without leaving your business. Take note and relax !:

Read a good book
Not another about marketing or leadership, but a fictional one that takes you out of this world. It can be something from authors like Ken Follet or Stieg Larsson for example or one from the Harry Potter saga or The Lord of the Rings, if you are a fan. Anything that motivates your imagination and makes you have a good time.

Go to a coffee shop
In those places you can meet and meet interesting people. Prefer a local coffee shop, something closer than the big chains where you will meet executives.

Go to the cinema
You can choose any time, at two in the afternoon for example there are less people. Choose the afternoon when you have fewer scheduled activities and watch a good movie that distracts you.

Enjoy a hobby
Play a musical instrument, play golf, tennis, or learn gardening, whatever you like. You can also play board or brain games, or do puzzles.

Relax in a spa
Take a massage and relax for an entire afternoon. Give yourself even an hour just for you and pamper yourself, it will help you improve your performance and keep you motivated.

Get together with friends
Take advantage of these meetings to talk about something other than business. You can also choose a fun living room game, the idea is to laugh and forget even a time from work.

Spend time with your family
If you have children, take time to play and have fun with them. Make an appointment with your partner and ensure that, while you are with your family, you do not answer calls from work or check your mail. Giving them quality time will work for you too.

do exercise
Set aside at least half an hour a day to exercise. You can run in the park or maybe go to a gym, the point is that you stay healthy and fit. This will help you not only improve your health, but also your mood, your self-esteem and also to get rid of negative energy.

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