10 Great Wedding Venues in Sydney

I know this little chapel on the boulevard we can goooo~♬

My friend’s getting married later this year, so we’ve been in a frenzy of researching, planning, and budgeting these past few months. My absolute favourite part of wedding planning so far has been looking at venues — just imagining your own wedding taking shape before your eyes is a transformative experience. Of course, my wedding is nowhere in the near future, but I’ve made a list of all the possible places I could hypothetically host my wedding reception, if it ever happens.

Feel free to add your own favourites to this list — let’s have a wedding venue brainstorm!

Royal Randwick Racecourse
Royal Randwick Ballroom, Queen Elizabeth II Grandstand, Level 2,

Alison Road, Sydney NSW 2031
Phone: 1300 729 668

Image from AustralianTurfClub.com.au

What got me the most about this place were the windows. It seems pretty obvious, but having a wall of just windows overlooking the racecourse makes everything look bigger, brighter, and so classy. Of course, you can also choose to use curtains, to make the most of the lighting options and projector screens available. There’s also a balcony, for extra seating or cocktail options.

For more information, download the brochure. You can also visit the website to take a virtual tour, and make enquiries.

Paradiso Weddings and Events
58 Spencer St Fairfield NSW 2165
Phone: (02) 9727 9333

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from ParadisoRoom.com.au

My friend was the one who found this place — I would have never thought to look! Paradiso has seven reception and function centres in Fairfield and Liverpool, of various sizes and seating capacities. They also have a complete wedding package available, to help you plan your big day. The biggest seller for my friend was the service; the staff were friendly, accommodating, and eager to help out, so it’s so much less stress overall.

For more information, visit the website; submit an online form, or call 1800 727 234 to make an enquiry.

The Tea Room
Level 3 North End, Queen Victoria Building
455 George Street, Sydney NSW
Phone: (02) 9283 7279

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from Tea Room QVB Facebook.

I’ll admit to being biased about this venue, because I love their high tea. But just imagine a wedding here, in such an elegant dining room, and the photos you can take amidst QVB’s historic architecture. Caters for weddings of all types, so you can customise however you want, and take advantage of their wedding packages.

For more information, make an enquiry on the website, or give them a call on (02) 9283 7279.

Waterview in Bicentennial Park
Bicentennial Drive, Bicentennial Park, (off Australia Avenue) Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney NSW 2127
Phone: (02) 9764 9900

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from Waterview Sydney Facebook.

I am absolutely in love with this place. If it were my wedding, I would definitely have it here, surrounded by the ponds and lakes within Bicentennial Park. There’s a wide expanse of grass outside the function centre itself, for some amazing wedding photos, and the three rooms (of varying sizes) are spacious and customisable. They also have some great wedding packages and specials throughout the year, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

For more information, visit the website to take a virtual tour, or call (02) 9764 9900.

Clarence House Sydney
The Victorian Room, 454 Burwood Road, Belmore NSW
Phone: (02) 9750 3555

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from ClarenceHouseWeddings.com.au

There are two venues at this magnificent place: The Victorian Room on Burwood Road, and The Lemnos Club, on Albert Street. Another one of my friends had her wedding at The Victorian, who was simple and sophisticated, spacious, and elegant all at the same time. They have a lot of experience planning and hosting weddings, so yours will be safe in their hands!

For more information, visit the website, or call (02) 9750 3555 to make an appointment with their team.

Villa Capri Reception
Level 1, 109 John Street, Cabramatta NSW 2166
Phone: (02) 9726 5703

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from Villa Capri website.

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but Villa Capri is quite spacious and comfortable as a wedding reception venue. It’s also fully catered, for those who enjoy Asian-style cuisine, and is associated with the popular restaurant Bar Luck, just across the street. They can also offer a whole range of other additional options, such as printing invites, a chauffeur, and suggestions for bilingual emcees and entertainment.

For more information, visit the website, or call the manager Vicky on 0415 988 088.

The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay
123 Ferry Road, Glebe NSW 2037
Phone: (02) 9518 9011

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from BoatHouse.net.au

Here’s another waterside option for the people, like myself, who love the view. It’s the perfect place for a wedding, no matter what the season. Their menu can be personalised to suit your tastes, but you can also opt for their award-winning food as well. They’re also well-connected on the wedding scene, so they can offer suggestions of possible contacts for decorations and flowers to make the planning easier.

For more information, visit the website, or call Jaime on (02) 9518 9011.

Canterbury Leagues Club
26 Bridge Road, Belmore NSW 2192
Phone: (02) 9704 7777

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from Canterbury.com.au

Canterbury Leagues has landscaped gardens and a waterfall feature that make great backdrops for your wedding. It has a longstanding reputation for excellence as a function venue, with great service and an even greater range of rooms to choose from, and they provide professional services to help make your day stress-free.

For more information, visit the website, fill out the enquiry form, or call the Events Department on (02) 9704 7777.

ArtHouse Hotel
275 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9284 1200

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from ArtHouseHotel.com.au

For a Sydney CBD wedding, you have to check out the ArtHouse Hotel. This is a heritage-listed building, with soaring ceilings and lofty arches, so you can get married with style and sophistication. They have several wedding packages to choose from, and their events team can help you with all the little details you’ll need to create your dream wedding.

For more information, visit the website to request a wedding pack.

Botanic Gardens Restaurant
Mrs Macquaries Road, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 9241 2419

wedding venues, sydney, function rooms, weddings,

Image from Botanic Gardens Restaurant Facebook.

Can you tell I really like garden-themed weddings? This venue is absolutely breathtaking, and the gardens are the perfect place for a picturesque wedding. You can change up this venue to suit your theme, but the wisteria-draped open verandahs are timeless. The service is purported to be amazing and meticulous, so you’ll have all the support you need to plan your big day.

For more information, visit the website to make an online enquiry, or call (02) 9241 2419.

Does anyone have a favourite venue, or a place in mind for their dream wedding that isn’t on this list?

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Melbourne couple whose wedding has been cancelled twice sell flowers from car boot

When Maree Piacente and Kevin Magrin called off their wedding in May last year because of a COVID-19 lockdown, they hoped postponing it for a year would be a safe bet.

But two days out from their second wedding, meant to go ahead this Saturday, the fresh circuit-breaker lockdown for Victoria was announced in response to a growing outbreak, meaning they had to cancel again.

Some things were able to be postponed, but the couple’s florist had already purchased their flowers — a selection including peonies, roses, carnations and snapdragons.

The pair bought the flowers at cost price, and Maree’s car was packed full of the fresh stems.

She decided they should try to sell the bunches off to passing cars from their boot before Victoria’s fresh restrictions came into effect.

“We didn’t want all these flowers to go to waste,” she said.

Maree, 27, and Kevin, 29, kept a few bunches for home but sold the rest for $10 a bunch, or whatever spare change people had in their cars.

“They got their second life and I’m sure they’re sitting in people’s homes making people happy for the time being.”

Kevin said people who stopped were very sympathetic to the couple’s situation.

“There were a lot of kind words,” he said.

The pair, from Pascoe Vale in Melbourne’s north, said they knew they were in the same boat as lots of other people who had been negatively affected by the lockdown.

But they said they understood why the restrictions had been imposed according to the advice of health experts.

“We need to do what we’ve got to do to nip this COVID stuff in the bud,” Maree said.

The couple, who got engaged in June 2018, are hopeful they will still be able to tie the knot by the end of this year.

But this Saturday, instead of exchanging vows, Maree and Kevin are planning to pop a bottle of champagne and share a quiet night in together on the couch.

Jess Heinjus runs a florist in Port Melbourne called Ivy and Eve, which mainly caters to large events.

Ms Heinjus and her staff had already purchased and prepared fresh flowers for two major events this weekend before the lockdown was announced.

One of the events was a large wedding, and the other was for an arts event connected with the National Gallery of Victoria.

“We went to the flower market early in the morning, we conditioned all the flowers.”

The arts event organisers still accepted the order made up into separate bouquets, while the flowers for the wedding are being held and looked after in the hope most of them will last until the wedding is rescheduled to go ahead in a fortnight.

Ms Heinjus said her company had lost up to 70 per cent of its revenue across the course of the pandemic, but she was determined to hold onto her three staff.

The Federal Government’s JobKeeper payment was crucial for the business while it was still available.

Ms Heinjus said she was hopeful that support for businesses affected by Victoria’s fresh lockdown, which the state government has said it is considering, would be announced to help buffer the effects of the days and weeks ahead.

“We don’t know if this will be a week or a few weeks, but also we’ve had events booked in for the next four to six weeks where the organisers are getting nervous,” she said.

“It’s also so disheartening for the clients when they get so close to the events,” she said.

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Hay bales, bunting and bare feet: Inside Carrie and Boris Johnson’s secret surprise ‘festival chic’ wedding where the bride wore a £2,870 Costarellos dress and flowers in her hair and even the PM’s closest aides were kept in the dark

No10 said the PM and his new bride tied the knot in a ‘small ceremony’ at Westminster Cathedral yesterday afternoon – with a bigger celebration planned for next summer.

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AFL star Dayne Beams posts brutal review of wedding venue

Ex-AFL star Dayne Beams has divided opinion after his frustrated exchange with a Victorian wedding venue went public.

Beams, 31, was attempting to organise a 30th birthday party for his wife, Kelly, at the Olinda Yarra Estate when he clashed with the venue’s owner.

The Herald Sun posted a series of screenshots showing the text message conversation the former Magpies and Lions star had with estate owner Shelley Hughes.

Beams says he was simply attempting to clarify the venue’s price guide when he was abruptly told by Hughes she was no longer interested in his booking because she felt he was trying to haggle and not being transparent on how many guests were going to attend.

The 2010 premiership player responded with a series of messages expressing his disappointment at being unable to secure the venue and appeared to make an attempt to sway Hughes by mentioning his footy credentials and 100,000-strong social media following.

When Hughes opted to move on, Beams posted the following review on Olinda Yarra Estate’s Facebook page.

“Shelley unfortunately is extremely rude and unprofessional,” Beams wrote.

“I was trying to book in my wife’s 30th birthday, logistically the numbers required weren’t adding up so naturally I was asking a few questions so I could one, get an exact idea of who we could and couldn’t invite and two, let everyone know how much it was going to be pp (per person).

“I received an appalling message back from Shelley basically calling me a time waster and how they run a huge business and she doesn’t have time for people like me.

“I was shocked to say the least, this was an extremely poor way to treat someone. My mental health and confidence around organising this has taken a hit because of it and I think Shelley should be ashamed.

“I will be recommending to everyone through my social media platforms and word of mouth to stay clear of Elina (sic) estate and Shelley. Really disappointing.”

Hughes then contacted Beams telling him she was going to ring the “rumour file” on Melbourne radio station 3AW to detail the situation. Beams told her to go “for your life”.

“After being difficult to deal with from the start, I recently told an ex-AFL player I would not be able to assist him at my wedding event venue,” she told Ross and Russel on 3AW Breakfast.

“He sent a barrage of texts, negative online reviews and threatened me with his substantial online and media presence.”

The dispute divided users on Facebook, who posted a mixed reaction to Beams’ review.

“You preach about mental health and then go on to shame this woman and business while playing the whole ‘Don’t you know who I am card’ and setting this business and woman up for continual trolling,” one replied. “Doesn’t make any sense. And doesn’t make you look good either.”

“Reading the texts here, to be fair, the venue has been pretty abrupt,” added another. “For those not in the hospo world, it can be incredibly daunting trying to navigate planning a function if you haven’t done it before. Sometimes we in the hospo industry can forget that.”

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Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan ‘devastated’ after being forced to cancel her wedding

Holly Hagan is reportedly devastated after she had to postpone her Ibiza wedding.

The Geordie Shore star was due to tie the knot with fiancé Jacob Blyth next month on the party island in the Balearic Islands, but Covid thwarted the pair’s plans.

With travel restrictions in place, guests of the duo would have had to quarantine on their return to the UK. Therefore, the couple are looking to rearrange their big day.

The reports come after the 28-year-old was called “rude” after asking fans to stop asking her about her wedding.

She said that she found the constant questions “impossible and draining”.

She commented on social media: “Please don’t message about how gutted and sorry you are for us, we’re fine, what will be will be.”

Holly Hagan ibiza
Holly Hagan is reportedly devastated at needing to postpone her Ibiza wedding

But now a source close to the star has told The Sun that the date will be changing.

The source said: “Like so many other brides Holly has been really put through the ringer with her wedding and she is hugely upset.

“Holly has started telling people about the cancellation now. So much goes into planning a wedding and obviously Holly is just desperate to marry Jacob. She just wants to be his wife but also wants the wedding she has dreamt of for years.”

The source revealed that the couple were hopeful that they wouldn’t have to postpone their big day by too long.

Holly Hagan proposal
Jacob proposed to Holly in Ibiza in 2019

Despite the travel restrictions, Holly previously admitted that the pair have no plans to move the main wedding to the UK even though they are planning a follow-up winter wedding.

She said: “I just don’t want to take away that magical moment of getting married on the island where we first met, on the exact first date we first ever spoke four years later.

“It meant so much, every single thing had a symbolic meaning.”

Her footballer fiancé popped the question at Cotton Beach Club in Ibiza in June 2019.

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Animal-loving couple in Launceston put wedding on hold for pet rat rescue project

Ella Wright and Caleb Godden of Launceston are due to be married in April, but their big day may be pushed back due to rats.

The couple share their living room with 38 rodents thanks to a rat rescue project they began.

“We saw that there were some [pet rats] needing homes and rescue and it just blew up,” Ms Wright said.

Hazel Godden with two of the rats rescued by her parents.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Sarah Abbott


Starting a rat rescue

The decision to get two pet rats last year was one Ms Wright and Mr Godden took seriously.

“I did months of research before even looking at buying them, so I knew what to expect,” Ms Wright said.

But not long after acquiring Loki and Klaus, Ms Wright realised through her continued online research that relatively few other rat owners were as thorough as she had been.

“People get rats thinking they are small animals with small needs,” she said.

Close shot of a brown and white rat being patted by a female hand that has an engagement ring on it
Pet rats are more difficult and costly to care for than many people think, Ms Wright says.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Sarah Abbott


But rats, Ms Wright explains, have “complex needs” which, along with the cost of keeping them, result in many rat owners not caring for their animals adequately, and not wanting to keep them for long.

This situation, which Ms Wright said was exacerbated by pet owners returning to work and school after COVID restrictions ended, was one she felt she must address.

Rehoming rehabilitated rats

Most of the rats in the rescue project arrived after having been deemed “too old, ugly, unruly or disabled” to be kept by their previous owners, and rehabilitation was the primary purpose of the project.

Beyond addressing the rats’ physical needs, Ms Wright and Mr Godden also tend to their mental and emotional health.

Rats that go on to meet health and behavioural requirements set by Ms Wright then become candidates for rehoming.

Two baby rats, one without eyes open yet, being held by two hands
Baby rats for sale online are often bred at rodent mills, Ms Wright says.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Sarah Abbott


Potential owners must complete a “lengthy questionnaire” and an interview with Ms Wright to establish their ability to provide a “healthy, happy” rat home.

“[Among other things], we try to ensure that people are not going to live-feed our rats [to reptiles],” she said.

“If that happened, I would be devastated.”

Ms Wright creates a detailed “surrender profile” for each adopted rat, which she gives to its new owners, along with the promise of around-the-clock availability for consultation.

“[Running the rescue project] is 24-7 … but I do plan on taking a little bit of time off … for my wedding,” Ms Wright said.

A white and pale tan rat with pink eyes sitting on a pink folder with plastic sleeves containing a typed document
Muffin the rescued rat investigates her surrender profile.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Sarah Abbott


Rats are top priority

Even the wedding, Ms Wright admits, may take a backseat to the rats, just as many other things in her life with Mr Godden have.

Man wearing cap sitting on couch patting a pale grey pet rat on the head
Mr Godden says many people don’t give rats a chance.(

ABC Northern Tasmania: Sarah Abbott


Money that would otherwise be saved for the wedding was currently set aside for rat surgeries, including an operation to remove a tumour from a grey male rat named Pumbaa.

“We are saving up for that … so that he can live a longer life,” Ms Wright said.

Extra funds will also be required to double the size of the rat rescue project, which Ms Wright and Mr Godden plan to do down the track.

“Obviously, that will come when we can afford a bigger house to put them all in,” Ms Wright said.

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One Fine Day 2021 | Wedding Expo

One Fine Day 2021 | Wedding Expo

One Fine Day 2021 | Wedding ExpoOne Fine Day 2021 | Wedding Expo

Hoi Polloi in the Younghusband Woolstore – Kensington



Welcome to Australia’s most stylish wedding fair.

One Fine Day is so far from any bridal expo you’ve seen before. Our Wedding Expo is next-level wedding planning that everyone will actually enjoy.

We bring Instagram to life by getting all the venues, photographers, florists, wedding dress designers, stationery, entertainment and beauty vendors that you’ve been snooping at online to sit under one roof for one weekend.

Meaning you, your bridal party and your fiancé can find the wedding vendors you want for your special wedding day.

Everything you need is at One Fine Day’s Melbourne Wedding Expo. Experience an exclusive runway show, live entertainment and visual delights, all within the gorgeous surrounds of Hoi Polloi at the Younghusband Woolstore in Melbourne.

Meet with a curated selection of the region’s most sought-after wedding suppliers, makers and providers. All visitors receive a complimentary drink on arrival, and can enjoy one of three runway shows featuring breathtaking Australian bridal designers.

Venue: Hoi Polloi at the Younghusband Woolstore, 2-50 Elizabeth St, Kensington

❊ When & Where ❊

Date/s: Saturday 29th May 2021 – Sunday 30th May 2021

Times: 10AM – 3PM




❊ Location ❊

One Fine Day 2021 | Wedding Expo⊜ 2-50 Elizabeth St   Kensington |
Google Map

2-50 Elizabeth St, Kensington, ,

✆ (02) 8072 0679

Book Online Here

MyCity Save

❊ Be Social ❊

❊ CoronaVirus Update ❊

As Victoria takes action to stop the spread of COVID-19, events may be cancelled, businesses and venues may close.

→ Disclaimer: Check with the operator before making plans.

❊ Web Links ❊

One Fine Day 2021 | Wedding Expo

→ onefinedayweddingfair.com.au

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Bride gets in the mud to deliver stuck calf on her wedding night

Imagine it’s your wedding day. You’ve got the dress, the rings, gathered family and friends and the day is going off without a hitch.

Until, just after the speeches, the bride runs off to deliver a calf.

That’s the wedding story of Portland dairy farmer Jessa Laws who married her husband Ben at the weekend.

Forced to reschedule their wedding due to COVID-19 lockdown laws in October, the couple hesitantly rebooked for April, despite knowing their cows would be calving. 

One cow named Fleyas Jacot Drama was overdue on the wedding day, and the couple had dairy farmer friends checking on it throughout the day.

But when the bride heard Drama was having some drama delivering her calf, she had to intervene. 

“About 10:30pm we went down to the dairy and we pulled this calf out. No thoughts of my white dress, shoes. It was just straight in,” Ms Laws told the Victorian Country Hour.

“Those that know me are definitely not surprised.

The calf was named Olivine Rager Destiny and both mother and baby are healthy. 

“The little heifer has been named Destiny because it was destiny that he was born on our wedding night and destiny that Ben and I met,” Ms Laws said. 

Jessa and Ben met three years ago and bonded over their love of cows. 

“We spoke about cows the first night we met at a pub and we haven’t looked back,” she said. 

“Not many people can say that their relationship was founded on cows.

“In his wedding vows, Ben said he’d always let me buy another cow if I wanted to. So it was meant to be.” 

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Stacey Solomon shares wedding dress secrets as she and Joe Swash plan epic big day

Stacey Solomon already has her wedding dress planned out as she gets ready for her special day with Joe Swash.

The Loose Women panellist and her fiancé Joe Swash got engaged on Christmas Eve last year and Stacey has been busy planning ever since.

“I want a really light floaty material as my skirt,” she told new magazine. “I want it hight waisted and with a capped sleeve, too.”

Speaking about dress designs, she added: “I’ve got ideas. But when I was speaking to the lady at a wedding dress shop, she said you’ll end up going for something you’re not even thinking about, so you need to try every shape and style before you commit.”

The 31-year-old recently confirmed that the wedding will take place in the back garden of her new £1.2million home.

She and Joe will tie the knot later this year on the sprawling plot that sits behind the dream home they recently purchased.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash
Stacey has been planning their big day

Taking to her Instagram Stories earlier this month, Stacey explained that she is “so excited” to be able to host the ceremony at home and revealed that she and Joe have already been discussing the set-up of the special day.

Alongside several snaps of her garden and a short video, she penned: “So after lots of thinking, wondering, phone calls and then crazy rearranging we were so excited to hear tonight that we can definitely have our wedding ceremony at home.”

Right after Stacey moved into her new house, named Pickle Cottage, with Joe and her sons Zachary, 13, Leighton, eight, and one-year-old Rex, she revealed that she was now unsure about the wedding venue she booked for her big day.

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash
The family are hoping to hold the wedding at home

Stacey Solomon
The backyard is the perfect spot for a wedding

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Alongside a video of a beautiful wooden arch within the grounds of her house, she said: “I’ll never not get massive butterflies when I walk down here.

“Little pathway I’ll never take you for granted, I promise.

“Lots of you are saying we should get married here. I bloody wish, we already booked our venue before we knew about Pickle Cottage and I’m sure we’d need a special licence or something.”

However, they have since been working hard with trying to get a licence so they can get married in their beautiful home.

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