F1 2020: Daniel Ricciardo, Romain Grosjean comments, F1 response, video, reaction

Daniel Ricciardo’s comments did not go unnoticed by Formula 1, with a spokesman responding to the Australian’s criticism of their broadcast approach to Romain Grosjean’s horror crash.

Ricciardo, speaking after his seventh-place finish, slammed the organisation for what he felt was a “pretty disgusting” move to show replays of the incident “over and over” again.

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Dan GOES IN on F1 after crash


Grosjean will sit out next weekend’s race after escaping his fiery crash in the Bahrain Grand Prix with just burns to his hands, his team Haas said.

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Romain Grosjean crash news, halo system, Instagram video, Bahrain Grand Prix

Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean has spoken from hospital to declare the controversial “halo” saved his life during his 220km/h fireball explosion at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The French driver admitted on Monday he was never a supporter of the part when it was introduced three years ago.

He is now.

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Grosjean’s Haas team confirmed the 34-year-old is in a stable condition at the Bahrain Defence Force Hospital where he is being kept overnight for further treatment on the burns to his hands and ankles.

Grosjean was also reported to have suffered an injury to his ribs, but X-rays showed he escaped the flaming wreck without any fractured bones.

It is a genuine miracle that he walked away with non life-threatening injuries when his car was incinerated and split in half as it thundered into the railing at Turn Three on the opening lap of the race.

Miraculously, Grosjean climbed out of the Haas car through flames and was dragged away by marshals before being taken in a helicopter to hospital.

His survival cell was seen wedged into the railing once the fire was put out and the debris that was left from his smoking wreck of a car was cleared.

The “halo” safety device — the protective arch that sits above the drivers’ cockpit — was the difference between Grosjean living or dying.

“I wasn’t for the halo some years ago, but I think it’s the greatest thing that we’ve brought to Formula 1, and without it I wouldn’t be able to speak with you today,” Grosjean said with a smile as he spoke to fans for the first time while sitting up in his hospital bed.

The controversial part originally divided the Formula 1 grid with many commentators declaring the protective lid went against the traditions of the open cockpit racing series.

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It was announced in 2017 that the part would be rushed in for the start of the 2018 Formula 1 series in a bid to improve driver safety.

The device was proposed and created in the aftermath of the death of Jules Bianchi who died in 2015 from head injuries sustained in a crash at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

Each halo device is reported to cost teams up to $45,000, while teams spent more than $1 million testing the device when it was first introduced, prompting most teams to re-design their chassis to accommodate the safety structure.

While there were also worrying safety failures at the Bahrain track, the Formula 1 grid was united in its praise for the “halo”.

Formula 1 managing director Ross Brawn said: “The halo saved the day and it saved Romain.

“There was controversy in developing it initially, but there can’t be any doubt now so hats off to those who pushed for the introduction.”

On Monday morning (AEDT), the French driver’s mother Christine sent a brief and poignant message that summed up the value of the device.

“They introduced the halo after my son’s accident and now the halo has saved Romain’s life today,” she wrote, according to reports.

“This is great. I’m glad that he is ok.”

Formula 1’s official safety chief and medical car driver Alan van der Merwe, who was at the scene of the Grosjean crash just seconds after it occurred, said the incident could have been catastrophic if not for the halo.

“It was a big surprise for us as well, we’ve never seen that much fire in 12 years,” he said

“Romain started to get out of the car himself which was pretty amazing after an accident like that. It was a relief to see he was okay. It just goes to show all the systems we’ve developed worked hand in hand — the halos, the barriers, the seatbelts, everything all worked as it should.

“Without just one of those things, it could have been a very different outcome.”

Champion Lewis Hamilton also praised the sport for getting it right in its series of recent safety upgrades.

“I’m so grateful Romain is safe,” Hamilton wrote on Twitter.

“Wow… the risk we take is no joke, for those of you out there that forget that we put our life on the line for this sport and for what we love to do.

“Thankful to the FIA for the massive strides we’ve taken for Romain to walk away from that safely.”

Grosjean is expected to be released from hospital in coming days.

— with AFP

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34 Best Cyber Monday Video Game Deals (2020): Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

Well before Cyber Monday, there were tons of gaming deals swirling around the internet, like dust kicked up by the release of two new consoles: the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Now that the newest iterations are out, previous-gen games are seeing discounts all over the place. It’s good timing with the holiday season upon us, but Covid-19 is still raging around the country, and most of us can’t see family. Video games provide a great way to connect with loved ones at a safe distance. We hope our favorite Cyber Monday video game and accessory deals will help in these trying times.

Note: We strike through items that sell out or are no longer at their deal price as of publishing. Discounts sometimes return, so check for yourself. We will update this guide throughout the weekend.

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WIRED’s Early Cyber Monday Coverage

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Nintendo Switch Deals

Photograph: Nintendo

Nintendo’s at-home and on-the-go console has been a popular little guy ever since it first came out in 2017, and it’s only gotten better over time. With a robust library of AAA and indie games to choose from, the Switch is my favorite couch-side companion for these winter months. See our Best Switch Accessories and Best Switch Games guides for more picks.

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Do you play video games too much or know someone who does? Four Corners wants to hear from you


November 29, 2020 18:23:41


More than two thirds of Australians play video games. (Canva)

If you’re not a gamer, chances are someone close to you is: more than two thirds of Australians regularly play video games.

What was once thought to be the pastime of teenage boys in their bedrooms is now well and truly mainstream, with 91 per cent of households owning a device on which games can be played.

Four Corners wants to know more about how video gaming affects you.

If you’re a gamer, or the partner or parent of a gamer, we’d like to hear your story and how gaming has affected your relationships, physical health and mental health.

If you work in the video game industry, we’d also like to hear from you. We want to know more about how the video game industry fits into all of this and what strategies are used to encourage people to game more.

Why are we doing this investigation?

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association says gaming can be a fun, educational activity that helps people connect with their friends and families.

This can range from free-to-play mobile games to traditional console games.

But there is a dark side to gaming, with the World Health Organisation officially recognising video game addiction as a mental health disorder in 2019, with some people finding their use of games significantly impacting their personal and social lives, education and work.

Man playing game on iphone


The World Health Organisation has recognised video game addiction as a mental health disorder. (Mikkelwilliam/Getty Images)

The industry is expected to be worth more than $200 billion globally by 2023, and the Australian game development industry generated $143.5 million in the 2018/19 financial year.

The array of gaming options on offer has grown substantially in recent years, from FIFA, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Fortnite, League of Legends to Animal Crossing.

Several popular games have spawned professional e-sport leagues watched by millions of fans around the world.

And just as we binge-watched more Netflix during the COVID-19 lockdown, researchers predict our time spent gaming also increased during the pandemic.

We want to know how this has impacted people.

Will my response be kept private?

We assure you that any information you give us will be treated as strictly confidential. We won’t publish anything you tell us or identify you without getting your permission.

The ABC is using the Screendoor tool to collect your story tips. The ABC’s Crowdsourcing Collection Statement applies to any information you provide. The ABC will handle your information in accordance with the ABC Code of Practice and the ABC Editorial Policies. If you are under the age of 18, you will need to discuss this with your parent or guardian before proceeding. Their consent will also be obtained by the ABC prior to publication.

You can enter your response below.


















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Chinese submarine sends first live video back from the bottom of the Mariana Trench

China has live streamed footage of its new manned submersible parked at the bottom of the Mariana Trench as part of a historic mission into the deepest underwater valley on the planet.

The Fendouzhe, or Striver, descended more than 10,000 metres into the submarine trench in the western Pacific Ocean with three researchers on board, state broadcaster CCTV said.

Only a handful of people have ever visited the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a crescent-shaped depression in the Earth’s crust that is deeper than Mount Everest is high and more than 2,550 kilometres long.

The first explorers visited the trench in 1960 on a brief expedition, after which there had been no missions until Hollywood director James Cameron made the first solo trip to the bottom in 2012.

Fendouzhe and its crew returned to port in the city of Sanya, on China’s Hainan Island, on Saturday morning.(AFP/Xinhua: Chen Kaizi)

Cameron described a “desolate” and “alien” environment.

Video footage shot and relayed by a deep-sea camera this week showed the green-and-white Chinese submersible moving through dark water surrounded by clouds of sediment as it slowly touched down on the seabed.

Fendouzhe has made multiple dives in recent days.

Earlier this month, it set a national record of 10,909 metres for manned deep-sea diving after landing in the deepest known point of the trench, Challenger Deep.

On that trip, it went just shy of the 10,927-metre world record set by an American explorer in 2019.

The mission on November 10 beamed up the world’s first live video from Challenger Deep.

Seabed surveyed as China moves into deep-sea mining

The submersible, equipped with robotic arms to collect biological samples and sonar “eyes” that use sound waves to identify surrounding objects, is making repeated dives to test its capabilities.

It is carrying so much equipment that engineers added a bulbous forehead-shaped protrusion containing buoyant materials to the vessel to help maintain its balance.

Fendouzhe, China’s third deep-sea manned submersible, is observing “the many species and the distribution of living things on the seabed”, scientists on board told CCTV.

Spectators line a dock to watch submariners disembark a large ship that is carrying their submersible vessel
As well as testing the vessel, Beijing this month also set up a deep-sea mining training and research centre.(AFP/Xinhua: Chen Kaizi)

The water pressure at the bottom of the trench is a crushing 8 tons per square inch, around a thousand times the atmospheric pressure at sea level.

But scientists have found the dark, frigid waters of the trench to be teeming with life.

The Chinese researchers will collect specimens for their work, CCTV said.

Previous studies have found thriving communities of single-cell organisms surviving on organic waste that had settled on the ocean floor, but very few large animals.

The mission will also research “deep-sea materials,” CCTV said, as China pushes ahead in deep-sea mining.

Beijing this month set up a joint training and research centre with the International Seabed Authority, which will train professionals on deep-sea technology as well as researching mining for valuable minerals at the bottom of the ocean.

Fendouzhe is expected to set standards for China’s future deep-sea vessels.

“It takes more than two trials before we can call it a real success,” Zhu Min, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences involved in the mission, told CCTV on Tuesday.


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Stock Market Rally Flashes Mixed Signals; Why Apple Stock, Nio, Zoom Video Are Important| Investor’s Business Daily

Dow Jones futures will not begin trading until Sunday evening, along with S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq futures. The stock market rally had a strong week, with the Dow Jones and Nasdaq composite both hitting record highs. But there is a disconnect between the robust, secure action in the major indexes vs. some more speculative names and high bullish sentiment.


Apple (AAPL), CrowdStrike (CRWD), Nio (NIO) and Zoom Video Communications (ZM) are four stocks to watch this week.

CrowdStrike and Zoom Video stock report earnings this week, while Tesla (TSLA) rival Nio will likely report monthly deliveries. Apple stock is simply the ultimate megacap, with a valuation of $1.98 trillion.

Broader Stock Market Impact

All four are important in their own right, but they also have a broader stock market impact.

Zoom Video earnings and guidance on Monday night, and ZM stock reaction, will be key as looming coronavirus vaccines loom over stay-at-home stocks.

CrowdStrike stock is perhaps the top cybersecurity play right now. But it’ll share the spotlight Wednesday night with two other leading security software names: Zscaler (ZS) and Okta (OKTA). All have cleared early entries. Their results and guidance will be important for the cybersecurity group and cloud software broadly.

Nio stock is the biggest of the Chinese electric car startups. Can Nio can continue to show strong month-to-month growth, satisfying lofty investor expectations? Is there room for all the hot EV stocks to keep growing fast in China? Xpeng Motors and Li Auto (LI), both 2020 IPOs, also may release monthly deliveries next week, along with the more-established BYD Co. (BYDDF). Industrywide data, including Tesla production and deliveries, will likely be released the following week.

Apple stock could move markets, especially if other slumbering megacaps like Microsoft (MSFT) and Amazon.com (AMZN) follow suit. A revived Apple also could buoy leading iPhone chipmakers Qorvo (QRVO) and Qualcomm (QCOM), both of which are near buy points.

Tesla stock is on IBD Leaderboard. Apple stock is on the Leaderboard watchlist. CrowdStrike stock is on SwingTrader.

Dow Jones Futures Today

Dow Jones futures will reopen at 6 p.m. ET on Sunday. So will S&P 500 futures and Nasdaq 100 futures.

Remember that overnight action in Dow futures and elsewhere doesn’t necessarily translate into actual trading in the next regular stock market session.

Join IBD experts as they analyze actionable stocks in the stock market rally on IBD Live.

Coronavirus News

Coronavirus cases worldwide reached 62.54 million. Covid-19 deaths topped 1.45 million.

Confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. have hit 13.60 million, with deaths above 272,000.

However, actual U.S. Covid-19 infections reached 52.9 million at the end of September and could be nearly 100 million now, according to a model developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The model assumes most coronavirus cases are mild or asymptomatic and are never tested.

Los Angeles County announced a new stay-at-home order Friday as coronavirus cases soar in the nation’s most populous county. The three-week order, starting Monday, bans most gatherings and limits capacity in retail stores and other non-essential businesses to 20% occupancy.

Meanwhile, the U.K. reportedly will OK the Pfizer (PFE) and BioNTech (BNTX) coronavirus vaccine in a few days, with the first vaccinations by Dec. 7. The FDA is expected to approve the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by mid-December, with the Moderna (MRNA) coronavirus vaccine also winning approval around that time. The European Union expects to OK vaccines by year-end.

The U.K. and EU may OK the AstraZeneca (AZN) coronavirus vaccine before year-end, but the U.S. may be weeks later.

Stock Market Rally Last Week

U.S. Stock Market Today Overview

IndexSymbolPriceGain/Loss% Change
Dow Jones(0DJIA)29910.37+37.90+0.13
S&P 500(0S&P5)3638.35+8.70+0.24
Nasdaq(0NDQC )12205.85+111.45+0.92
Russell 2000 (IWM)184.42+0.83+0.45
IBD 50 (FFTY)39.32+0.59+1.52
Last Update: 1:24 PM ET 11/27/2020

The stock market rally had a strong week, with the Dow Jones and Nasdaq composite both hitting record highs and the S&P 500 index on the cusp of all-time levels.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 2.2% in last week’s stock market trading. The S&P 500 index climbed 2.3%. The Nasdaq composite gained nearly 3%.

Among the best ETFs, the Innovator IBD 50 ETF (FFTY) boasted a 2.6% advance last week. The iShares Expanded Tech-Software Sector ETF (IGV) rose 2.85%. The VanEck Vectors Semiconductor ETF (SMH) climbed 3.2%. The Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO) surged 10.1%.

Zoom Video Stock

Zoom Video stock jumped 7.3% last week after an 8.9% rally in the prior week. On Friday, shares broke a rather-steep downtrend, but closing just below its 50-day line. A move above the 50-day would offer a buying opportunity, but not until after Zoom Video earnings Monday night.

Guidance, and any comments about a post-coronavirus world, will be key. It’ll also may move other pure stay-at-home plays such as Peloton (PTON) as well as cloud software names generally.

CrowdStrike Stock

CrowdStrike stock climbed 3.5% last week to 150.83. It’s close to an official 154 buy point. It already triggered an early entry on Nov. 19, when CRWD stock rebounded from its 50-day line and broke above its 50-day line. It cleared another entry at 144.39. CrowdStrike earnings are due Wednesday night, along with Zscaler and Okta, which are also above early entries.

Nio Stock

Nio is likely to report monthly delivery figures late next week. For the past few months, Nio has released monthly figures on the second or third day of the following month. Production and deliveries have been rising dramatically. That’s also true for Xpeng Motors and Li Auto, thought starting from a lower base. BYD is among the very largest EV makers in China.

Investors are betting the Nio growth will remain strong. Nio stock has surged 247% since its late October breakout and a whopping 1,551% since May 22. Xpeng and Li Auto stock are up 327% and 243%, respectively, from their late summer IPO prices.

In early 2021, Tesla will begin deliveries of the made-in-China Model Y, with the VW ID.4 coming out at about the same time. EV production in China is set to skyrocket.

Nio stock is 8.9% above its 10-day line. So while a pullback, even to the 50-day line, wouldn’t be a surprise, Nio isn’t flashing extreme risks of a near-term retreat that new IPOs Corsair Gaming (CRSR) and Palantir (PLTR) did last week. Xpeng stock is up 18% from its 10-day line and Li Auto just 3.9%.

Tesla stock is up 17.8% from its 10-day line. That’s not extreme. Also, it comes shortly after a powerful breakout, when hot stocks often can be bolt from moving averages without raising concerns for a while.

Apple Stock

Apple stock actually fell 0.6% last week, though it pared losses and moved back above its 50-day line after tumbling 3% on Monday. The relative strength line for Apple stock has been drifting lower for a few months, much like Amazon and Microsoft. These megacaps are entitled to take a rest after a long run of outperformance. That could continue for some time.

Apple stock rising would provide a further lift to the market rally. It would be a good sign for Apple iPhone chipmakers such as Qorvo and Qualcomm stock. Both offer tight entries.

Stock Market Outlook

Judging by the major indexes and many leading stocks, the expectation would be for the stock market rally to continue higher. After a few weeks of sector rotation, the gains were broad-based, with stay-at-home stocks like Zoom Video rebounding while real economy names such as Boeing (BA), Caterpillar (CAT) and JPMorgan Chase (JPM) kept advancing. Yet the major indexes are just clearing consolidations going back to early September.

But by some measures, the market is getting excessively bullish. The bulls vs. bears reading, measuring investment newsletter writers’ sentiment, shot up to 64.6%, the highest since January 2018. Readings over 60% often signal at least a short-term top is underway. Meanwhile, the action in some new IPOs, as well as electric car stocks (some overlap with Li Auto and Xpeng stock), also suggest a bit of speculative mania. That can continue for a lengthy period, but it does add to the risks.

If Apple stock and other megacaps gained momentum, that would fuel further market gains and bullish sentiment, perhaps hastening a pullback. So in the current climate, perhaps the stock market rally needs lukewarm action from tech giants to keep from overheating.

What You Should Do Now

As always, you should analyze your stocks, with a special emphasis on your winners. How extended are they from moving averages. You may want to consider partial profits on stocks that have been going nearly vertical for some time.

There aren’t a lot of good-looking setups right now, with some of the promising-looking stocks ready to report earnings, like CrowdStrike stock. So cast a wide net for your watchlists.

Read The Big Picture every day to stay in sync with the market direction and leading stocks and sectors.

Please follow Ed Carson on Twitter at @IBD_ECarson for stock market updates and more.


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Two Apple Chipmakers Lead 5 Stocks Near Buy Points

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F1, Bahrain Grand Prix 2020, practice, crash, video, qualifying, Red Bull, Alex Albon, driver line up, highlights, results

Alex Albon accepted the blame on Friday after his heavy and expensive crash during practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix threatened to derail his future with Red Bull.

The London-born Thai driver, who has struggled this year to match the pace of Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen, said he knew he should have backed off when he ran wide at the final corner before careering off into the barriers.

“It was just one of those things,” he said as he tried to make light of his crash, which wrecked most of his car.

“I should have pulled out of it really.

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Practice results, times, Alex Albon crash, video, Lewis Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo

Alex Albon accepted the blame on Saturday (AEDT) after his heavy and expensive crash during practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix threatened to derail his future with Red Bull.

The London-born Thai driver, who has struggled this year to match the pace of Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, said he knew he should have backed off when he ran wide at the final corner before careering off into the barriers.

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“It was just one of those things,” he said as he tried to make light of his crash, which wrecked most of his car.

“I should have pulled out of it really.

“I was a bit surprised by the lack of grip. And it was quite a difficult, awkward angle — it wasn’t fun.” His crash came midway through the floodlit second session at the Bahrain International Circuit at Sakhir. The right side of his Red Bull car was severely damaged and both wheels were left hanging only by their tethers.

You can watch Albon’s heavy crash in the video player above

Albon, who is fighting to keep his seat in the team next year after being warned to ‘raise his game’, was lucky to escape injury.

He said he had been trying “a couple of things, that didn’t quite work out, but actually I felt I was just getting up to speed.” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said the crash was “frustrating” and that he expected the repair bill for the car to be “significant.”

“Thankfully, Alex is OK, that’s the main thing,” he added. “Obviously there’s a lot of superficial damage. The ‘monocoque’ looked ok, the engine looks OK and it’s not a race gearbox, but it’s certainly going to keep the guys busy tonight.”

Albon wound up 10th after the opening day’s practice which was led by seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes ahead of Verstappen.

Despite leading the way, Hamilton was left venting after the second session came to an end over the Pirelli tyres.

“Unfortunately, we’ve had the same tyre for two years. At the end of 2019, they brought a new tyre, which they normally do, and it was quite a bit worse so they said ‘OK, we’ll just keep the tyre from last year’.

“So they have had two years now to develop a better tyre and we’ve arrived at a tyre which is three kilos heavier and it is like a second worse in lap time.

“I know for the fans that doesn’t make too much of a difference, but, from a driver point of view, we are working with brands and partners who are at the forefront of technology and elevate it.

“If you are going back after two years of development, then I don’t know what is happening! It definitely doesn’t feel good out there and it is a worry.

“I definitely just prefer to stay on these tyres again. If that is the best they can do, which it clearly is, it would just be better to stay with this tyre.”


1) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 1:28.971

2) Max Verstappen (Red Bull) +0.347

3) Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) +0.365

4) Sergio Perez (Racing Point) +0.432

5) Daniel Ricciardo (Renault) +0.491

6) Pierre Gasly (AlphaTauri) +0.580

7) Lando Norris (McLaren) +0.870

8) Lance Stroll (Racing Point) +0.900

9) Daniil Kvyat (AlphaTauri) +0.929

10) Alexander Albon (Red Bull) +1.043

11) Esteban Ocon (Renault) +1.114

12) Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) +1.139

13) Carlos Sainz (McLaren) +1.300

14) Charles Leclerc (Ferrari) +1.436

15) Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) +1.656

16) Kevin Magnussen (Haas) +1.878

17) Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) +1.957

18) Nicholas Latifi (Williams) +2.002

19) Romain Grosjean (Haas) +2.148

20) George Russell (Williams) +2.665

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Emmanuel Macron says video of Paris police beating black man is ‘shameful for all of us’ | World News

French President Emmanuel Macron has said footage showing Paris police attacking a black man was “unacceptable” and “shameful”.

An investigation has been launched into the violent arrest of Michel Zecler, a music producer who says he was racially abused by officers on Saturday.

The incident was captured on CCTV and mobile footage, and was circulated widely.

Michel Zecler said he was racially abused by French police

The officers involved have been suspended and are currently being held for questioning, according to the Paris Prosecutor’s Office.

The police watchdog are also looking into the case.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Friday, Mr Macron said the government needed to restore public confidence in the police.

More from Emmanuel Macron

“The images we have all seen of the aggression against Michel Zecler are unacceptable, they are shameful for all of us,” he said.

France should never allow violence or brutality, no matter who it comes from.

“France should never let hate or racism prosper.”

The French president added that the country’s police should lead at the forefront and by example.

“Those whose job it is to apply the law should respect the law,” he said.

French president
Emmanuel Macron said the incident was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘shameful’

Footage of the incident shows officers following Mr Zecler inside his music studio, where he is punched and beaten with a truncheon.

Mr Zecler told reporters on Thursday he had been walking around nearby without a face mask – against French COVID-19 health protocols – and upon seeing a police car, went into his music studio to avoid getting a fine.

The incident was captured on closed circuit television which was obtained by the LoopSider news organisation.c
The incident was captured on CCTV

However, the police allegedly followed him inside and attacked him.

“I was lucky enough, unlike many other people, to have had the video that protects me,” Zecler told reporters on Thursday.

The incident risks inflaming racial tensions in Paris, in the backdrop of repeated allegations of police brutality against black and other ethnic minority people and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Dominique Sopo, president of the anti-racism group SOS Racisme said Mr Zecler was the target of a “racist attack”.

He said: “For police officers to act that way, they must have a tremendous feeling of impunity.

“This situation is a symptom of an impunity that has been going on for too long.”

The city’s police force has already faced criticism this week after people posted videos on social media of police hitting demonstrators as they cleared a migrant camp in central Paris on Monday.

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Cricket: Australia vs India ODI, Aaron Finch century, video, score, average

Coverage of the first ODI between Australia and India on Fox Cricket channel 501.

Aaron Finch saluted the heavens on Friday as he dusted off the cobwebs and made his 17th ODI century on the anniversary of Phillip Hughes’ death.

Hughes died six years ago on Friday after being struck by a bouncer while at the crease of the SCG, where the first ODI between Australia and India is being played.

Finch – who was a pallbearer at Hughes’ funeral – carried the memories of his close friend all the way to an emotional milestone.

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