Cricket: India vs England, Jonny Bairstow wicket, review, lbw, video, score

England batsman Jonny Bairstow has been grilled for reviewing an lbw dismissal that was clearly smashing into his stumps against India on Wednesday (AEDT).

England was reeling at 1-2 when Bairstow walked to the crease in the third Test of the series at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, after Joe Root won the toss and chose to bat.

On the ninth ball the England No.3 faced he was hit on the front pad by Indian spinner Axar Patel.

It was Patel’s first ball of the match, and the Indian team confidently appealed and Bairstow was given out by the umpire.

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Surveillance video shows last moments of Kelowna homicide victim’s life

Court watched surveillance video showing the last moments of Esa Carriere’s life unfold on Canada Day in 2018 during the trial for two men accused of his manslaughter.

Nathan Truant and Noah Vaten, who are both in their 20s, are accused of killing the 23-year-old victim.

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Four charged with manslaughter in 2018 Kelowna stabbing death

An RCMP officer showed court several different camera angles of surveillance video over Kelowna’s Queensway bus loop and Kasugai Gardens, which are both areas connected to the crime.

The tape shows fireworks exploding all around as the victim appears to get into a dispute near Kasugai Gardens before bolting away.

A grainy video appears to show a group of people swarming and punching the victim.

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Kelowna’s Canada Day homicide victim identified

The Crown alleges that two of those people are Nathan Truant and Noah Vaten.

Court also watched silent surveillance video showing Vaten in jail after he was arrested for causing a disturbance in Rutland that same night.

He hadn’t been linked to Carriere’s homicide at that point.

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Trial begins for two men accused of 2018 Canada Day homicide in Kelowna

The Crown claims that Vaten confessed to his cell mate, who didn’t believe him at the time.

Court heard from Paladin security guard Josh Cail who rushed to the scene when he heard a commotion.

Cail said a group of about four people took off when he yelled “security.” He was not able to identify any of them.

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Friend of Kelowna homicide victim calls Canada Day stabbing ‘shocking’

He testified that he made a citizen’s arrest on a female who had stayed behind to kick Carriere in the head.

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Cail said he then realized that the victim was still lying in a pool of blood and tried to help him.

The security guard testified that Carriere was still breathing and had a pulse but didn’t say anything.

One of Carriere’s friends, Blake Dolph, also took the stand and testified that the victim had just moved to Kelowna a couple of weeks before his death.

Carriere was staying with Dolph, and the two had plans to meet at the Sails at 10 p.m. because Carriere didn’t have a cellphone or keys the apartment.

However, Carriere didn’t show up, Dolph testified.

Dolph said he called RCMP when he saw that police were looking for help in identifying a body found the night before.

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Help needed to identify Canada Day homicide victim in Kelowna

Under cross examination, Dolph testified that Carriere was always loud and energetic, and his personality was enhanced when he was drinking.

He said he’d seen Carriere have a couple of beers earlier in the afternoon on Canada Day.

Under cross-examination, Dolph testified he’d had a dispute with Carriere a few days before Canada Day.

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Dolph said he told his friend he needed to tone his behaviour down or he’d have to look for a new place to stay.

The trial is scheduled to take three weeks.

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NASA releases ‘amazing’ new landing video and images from Mars Perseverance landing

It was “seven minutes of terror” that had a big payoff: NASA’s Mars Perseverance safely landed on the surface of the red planet last Thursday. And, for the first time, the edge-of-your-seat descent was captured by high-definition video cameras, which NASA released on Monday.

“Now we finally have a front-row view to what we call ‘the seven minutes of terror’ while landing on Mars,” Michael Watkins, director of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California, which manages the mission for the agency, said in a press release.

Getting spacecraft to Mars is no easy feat. About half of missions to the red planet have ended in failure. And getting a rover safely on the surface is even more challenging. In the past, NASA used airbags that protected the rover as it bounced safely to its final resting spot.

But in 2012, its Curiosity rover used an innovative — and complicated — landing procedure that involved using a rocket-powered crane to gently lower the rover to the surface. It was a success, and this method was once again used with Perseverance.

WATCH | NASA release video of different perspectives of Mars Perseverance landing:

“I think you will feel like you are getting a glimpse as to what it would be like to land in Jezero Crater with Perseverance,” Matt Wallace, Perseverance deputy project manager at JPL, said during NASA’s press conference ahead of the video release on Monday. 

And the cameras do indeed provide an incredible glimpse into the series of all the things that needed to happen with incredible precision to deliver Perseverance to the surface.

The navigation cameras, or navcams, aboard NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover captured this view of the rover’s deck on Feb. 20. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)

The video picks up after the rover entered the thin Martian atmosphere at a breakneck speed of 19,000 km/h after which its supersonic parachute deployed, further slowing it to 320 km/h.

The heat shield is then released and is seen falling to the surface as the rover’s eight descent-stage rockets took over, reducing the speed to about 2.6 km/h. That’s when the tricky “skycrane” maneouvre initiated. 

The dusty descent

Roughly 12 seconds before touchdown, the descent stage lowered the rover from a set of 6.4-metre long cables. Dust is seen being kicked up from the surface as the rover unfurled its legs and wheels into landing position. Once the rover sensed that it had touched the ground, the cables were quickly cut with the descent stage flying off safely away from the rover.

All of this had to go off without a hitch. And fortunately, it did, with video to prove it.

The rover collected 23,000 images of the descent and 30 gigabytes of information with cameras looking both upward as the descent stage lowered Perseverance to the ground and downward as dust was kicked up by the rockets.

“I can and have watched those videos for hours,” Al Chen, Perseverance entry, descent, and landing (EDL) lead at JPL, said at the press conference. “I keep seeing new stuff every time.”

The microphone didn’t pick up the descent due to what engineers believe may have been a communication error, though it is now working on the surface and has sent back audio.

LISTEN | Sounds from the Mars Perseverance Rover (with rover noise filtered out):

Along with the video, NASA also released several new images.

“I had no idea that it would be this amazing,” said Justin Maki, Perseverance imaging scientist and instrument operations team chief. “When I saw these images come down I have to say, I was truly amazed. I know it’s been a tough year for everybody, and we’re hoping these images will brighten peoples’ day.”

This is one of the six wheels on the Perseverance Mars rover, which landed on Feb. 18. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)


And there are even “Easter eggs” hidden on Perseverance.

The new 20 megapixel colour cameras are higher-resolution than any of those before it, with wide angle lenses that are used as the rover drives. 

“This is it. This is Mars. It really is the surface of an alien world.”

This is the first colour image sent by the Perseverance Mars rover after its landing. (NASA/JPL-Caltech/The Associated Press)

Now, as more of the rover comes online, the scientists and engineers said more — and better — is yet to come.

Perseverance will also begin to find a suitable location where it will deploy Ingenuity, a helicopter that will be a test for future missions to the red planet.  

“We’re just beginning to do amazing things on the surface of Mars,” said Dave Gruel, Perseverance EDL camera lead. 

For raw images released by NASA’s Perseverance rover, you can visit their multimedia site. 

NASA engineer Farah Alibay speaks with CBC Montreal’s Debra Arbec about the rover’s landing and the search for signs of past life on Mars. 5:14

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Video captures group of men ‘rushing’ at police car in Glenroy

Investigations are underway after a group of people aggressively charged at a police car in Melbourne’s north yesterday.

Video obtained by 9News shows about a dozen men erratically rushing towards the police vehicle travelling on Logan Street in Glenroy, yelling at officers as the car’s sirens blared.

The men appeared to crowd around the vehicle, with some of the group members seemingly striking the bonnet of the car with their hands.

Police earlier received reports of dangerous and erratic driving in the Dallas area about 11am, but the people involved dispersed before officers arrived.
“Proactive patrols located vehicles matching the description of those involved in that incident were in Glenroy about 1pm,” a Victoria Police spokesperson said.
“A single police unit approached these vehicles and witnessed three motorbikes being ridden erratically before they were rushed by a group of people.
“The group became increasingly aggressive and officers decided to reverse away for the safety of the group and themselves.”

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Tom Trbojevic hamstring injury, Manly race video, Sea Eagles news

Vision of Manly star Tom Trbojevic racing a fan through The Corso nightspot on Saturday night has emerged just hours after he claimed to have suffered a hamstring injury during a bathroom slip.

The injury-cursed fullback on Monday apologised to fans for the off-field injury which will see him miss at least the first three rounds of the 2021 NRL season.

The 24-year-old on Monday repeatedly denied he suffered the injury during a night out with teammates where players were reportedly spotted at several Manly bars and night clubs.

According to The Australian’s Brent Read, Trbojevic admitted it is a bad look.

“I was having a few drinks and I was being an idiot on The Corso,” Trbojevic said.

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“I know how it is going to look but I swear, I didn’t hurt it then.”

Vision of his run through The Corso emerged almost immediately after his Monday press conference with reports claiming he was seen “racing a fan”.

According to reports, Trbojevic and the football club are still insisting the Saturday night frolic is not related to the injury he suffered inside his bathroom on Sunday morning.

According to a spectator seen in the video, Trbojevic lost the race to the other man.

A Manly media release announced the injury was the result of an “innocuous accident”.

Sea Eagles chief executive Stephen Humphries has told The Daily Telegraph the club has not attempted to cover up Trbojevic’s Saturday night antics and is satisfied with the “full explanation” Trbojevic provided to the club.

The NSW State of Origin star first told reporters the injury is not the same hamstring that has plagued him in recent years.

Trbojevic only played seven games in 2020 after injuring his hamstring in June before a shoulder injury in Round 19 ended his year, including the 2020 State of Origin series.

“I’m devastated by what’s happened,” Trbojevic said.

“I will be working hard with the rehab team to get the hamstring right.”

He then repeated the injury was suffered slipping over in the shower.

“It’s obviously not ideal. I’ve been working really hard this off-season and to now find out you’re going to miss a few weeks of footy, it’s disappointing,” he said.

“It’s pretty embarrassing to actually say, but I’ve woken up yesterday morning and I’ve slipped over in the bathroom and just felt it go. It’s pretty hard to take.”

He then apologised to fans for “not playing enough footy” in recent seasons.

“I do apologise to Manly… and to the members that I won’t be playing footy early this year,” he said.

It is a particularly crushing blow for the Sea Eagles, who enter the 2021 season without a recognised fullback option to replace Trbojevic.

Winger Tevita Funa replaced Trbojevic at fullback in 2020.

The club has rolled the dice with injury-plagued stars this season under coach Des Hasler with the club also gambling on five-eighth Kieran Foran’s fitness.

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UFC legend Bruce Buffer explains why Russian star Nurmagomedov needs ‘eye of the tiger’ to return (VIDEO) — RT Sport News

UFC octagon announcer Bruce Buffer has spoken about his relationship with Khabib Nurmagomedov and his late father, predicting that the lightweight champion will return if he is motivated like iconic film character Rocky Balboa.

After 25 years as the voice of the UFC, it is hard to imagine a night under the lights without the flamboyant, cinematic showmanship of Buffer.

From brightly burning prospect to the man to beat – and Buffer considers both categories of fighter to be just as worthy and in need of his inimitable introductions – Nurmagomedov’s fights have had at least one other constant, as well as his hand raised at the end of them.

Buffer has watched on while the Russian and the likes of Conor McGregor have transformed the UFC from a niche interest to a mainstream sport.

That explosive growth has allowed the man who invented his immortal catchphrase, “it’s time”, to hone his MC skills on a far more frequent basis than he did when UFC events only took place three times a year at the start of his time with the promotion.

Now a beloved veteran and as much a part of the fabric of the sport as the canvas on which its stars scrap, Buffer offers a resounding appraisal of Nurmagomedov among the huge number of fighters he speaks fondly of.

“Khabib’s a man of honor,” Buffer said when asked about his experiences with the unbeaten Nurmagomedov, speaking to RT Sport of his pleasure at becoming so familiar with a name that many announcers might have been left tongue-tied by when initially learning its pronunciation.

“I like Khabib a lot. We get along really well, I liked his dad a lot.

“Khabib is the type of fighter who needs to be lifted. He needs an opponent that’s going to lift him, that’s going to make him want to go train and do what he does and go do the Rocky V mountain snow climbs and everything else while music is playing in his ears.”

Amateur psychologists aiming to imagine how negotiations between UFC president Dana White and Nurmagomedov are going would do well to ask Buffer for his thoughts.

Few men have had such an intimate insight into the career progressions of both men. Buffer describes White as a “maverick” and admires the bullish businessman’s continued passion – a word he never shies away from using to define his own approach and one of the key sources of his success.

Nurmagomedov could have shared the spotlight with Buffer for the last time when he beat Justin Gaethje in Abu Dhabi last October, sending shockwaves shuddering through the UFC by declaring his retirement afterwards.

Buffer believes that the passing of Nurmagomedov’s inspirational father, Abdulmanap, played a pivotal part in an announcement that he feels was far from final.

“I do think that Khabib will come back,” he said. “There’s a reason why he was at the point where he was at.

“There’s a lot going on in his life, you know? You make decisions that are emotional at the time, and you sit back and you make a more relatively thoughtful decision later on, if you analyze everything. We all have a right to change our minds.”

Nurmagomedov’s one-time arch-rival, Conor McGregor, is arguably the headliner who has been most open about the way that vast wealth can change and challenge a fighter, most of whom have come from humble beginnings and worked relentlessly to reach the top of a brutal calling.

“Conor Mcgregor’s a showman, no question,” Buffer said. “There are points in [fighters’] careers where they have so much money, and that’s why it’s interesting to see Conor come back, with the hundred-plus million that he’s worth, I assume.”

Grounded in marketing and business – he says his brand with brother and fellow announcing luminary Michael is worth half a billion dollars – Buffer thinks the future for McGregor is also an active one despite his defeat to Dustin Poirier last month.

“He’s definitely one of the biggest draws, a superstar. You can still maintain your success and image in defeat.

“It’s all about how you handle yourself. The important thing would be for him to get in there in the next three-to-five months and fight again.”

With McGregor looking significantly short of the sensational form he would require to tempt Nurmagomedov to fight him again, former welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St-Pierre is the runaway favorite to provide the Dagestani’s opponent should he end his retirement, not least because of Nurmagomedov’s professed admiration for the Canadian great.

Buffer sees parallels between their potential reasons for returning. “Georges St-Pierre is another fighter that needs to be lifted,” he asserted.

“Khabib has got to be worth tens of millions of dollars by now, so you need motivation. Are they as hungry as they used to be? Probably not. Are they fighters, as they always were at heart? Yes they are.

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‘This fighter motivates me so much’: Khabib says prospect of Georges St-Pierre showdown ‘excites’ him – but there’s a catch

“[It’s a case of] ‘give me the motivation so that the fighter comes out and I can do what I am supposed to do and be who I am – Khabib Nurmagomedov.’

“That’s what I think it is with Khabib, he needs that challenge. He needs to step up to a challenge to give him that eye of the tiger feeling.”

The prospect of Nurmagomedov finding that desire is uncertain for a shrewd operator who is not consumed by the rewards of fame and adulation, but there is better news for fans of another UFC icon.

Buffer expects to spend at least another ten years doing what he loves. If he targets a 30th win, Nurmagomedov will walk out to be greeted by a figure whose assuredness about his unfinished business will have been justified.

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Khabib insists Conor McGregor will NEVER return to his fighting best despite Irishman’s renewed quest for UFC title

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Daytona 500, NASCAR results: Fireball crash, Michael McDowell, Bubba Wallace, 16-car pile-up, video, reaction

Michael McDowell won the rain-delayed Daytona 500 on Sunday, storming to an upset victory as a fiery last-lap crash unfolded in his rear view mirror.

McDowell, who only led the NASCAR Cup Series race in the final lap, emerged from a skidding pile-up to grab the lead and win a three-car sprint at the Florida track. It was his first win in the Series in 357 starts.

“So many years just grinding it out and hoping for an opportunity like this,” McDowell said.

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Crazy crash creates surprise winner!


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AFL 2021, Adelaide Crows, video, fight, practice match, scuffle, Wayne Milera, Jake Kelly

For the second year in a row, two Adelaide Crows players have been involved in a scuffle during an intraclub match.

Teammates Jake Kelly and Wayne Milera clashed in Saturday’s scratch match, with the latter tripping Kelly as he ran towards the ball.

Kelly immediately lashed out with a number of teammates needing to separate the pair.

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Two Crows get physical! | 00:24

Assistant coach Scott Burns brushed off the confrontation in what was a competitive game.

“I thought (the game) was played in really good spirits,” he said post-match.

“It’s a really tight group and what you want is competitive players, and those two are definitely competitive.”

Last year, talls Billy Frampton and Kyle Hartigan had to be separated after they threw punches at either other following a disagreement. Neither player was hurt in the scuffle or punished by the Crows.

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China shares dramatic video of mountain clash with Indian Army

Footage appeared to show Indian troops wading through a river towards Chinese soldiers in the barren and ice-covered Karakoram Mountains

BEIJING: Dramatic footage released by Chinese state media purportedly shows deadly clashes between troops at the Indian border last year — a rare insight into violence at the tense, remote frontier.

China’s defence ministry on Friday named four soldiers killed in the brawl, in the first confirmation of deaths by Beijing from an incident that also claimed the lives of at least 20 Indian soldiers.


Footage later released by state broadcaster CCTV appeared to show Indian troops wading through a river towards Chinese soldiers in the barren and ice-covered Karakoram Mountains, carrying sticks and shields reading “Police”.

A bilateral accord prevents the use of guns by either side, and brutal clashes between the two sides on the ill-defined border often involve sticks, rocks and fist-fights.


“They have now moved another new tent here,” one soldier says in the video, which claims the Indian side broke the consensus and crossed the line to “provoke” Chinese soldiers.

Later footage shows a large melee of troops from both sides and clashes in the dark, before Chinese soldiers are seen treating a man on the floor whose head is covered in blood.

The high-altitude border battle in the Galwan valley in June was one of the deadliest clashes between the two sides in recent decades.

Beijing acknowledged that the clash had resulted in casualties but did not confirm if any Chinese soldiers died until this week.

The CCTV voiceover said the Chinese soldiers were “heroically sacrificed”.


Battalion commander Chen Hongjun and three other soldiers have been given posthumous awards, the defence ministry said. State media reported that the youngest soldier to die was 19.

India and China fought a border war in 1962 and have long accused each other of seeking to cross their frontier — which has never been properly agreed — in India’s Ladakh region, just opposite Tibet.

Beijing and New Delhi later sent tens of thousands of extra troops to the border, but said last week they had agreed to “disengage” along the border area.


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Moorabbin lights go out, Kate Shierlaw goal video, Caitlin Greiser

Not even a partially-dark Moorabbin could stop a stunning St Kilda surge, with another big Caitlin Greiser goal haul and a stunning solo effort from Kate Shierlaw inspiring the Saints to a crucial AFLW win over Geelong on Friday night.

After an arm-wrestle of a first half, the Saints produced a dominant three-goal third term, while keeping the Cats goalless, as they showed off their exhilarating running game.

Despite a late flurry of Cats goals, St Kilda never looked troubled, running out 22-point winners and kicking its equal-highest AFLW score yet, 7.9 (51) to Geelong’s 3.4 (22).

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There were bizarre scenes late in the third term when the fitted lights at RSEA Park turned off, with players continuing in partial darkness under temporary lights.

The AFL had given the all clear for play to recommence after three quarter-time before the permanent lights returned. But temporary lighting was again needed halfway through the final quarter as the game finished in partial darkness.

Phoebe McWilliams of the Cats kicks a goal in partial darkness at RSEA Park. Picture: Dylan BurnsSource: Getty Images

St Kilda’s AFL team was famously involved in a 1996 game against Essendon where the lights went out mid-match, forcing the two teams to return to the venue a few days later to continue and finish the game.

“It’s often quite hard with the lighting here,” Demons AFLW defender Libby Birch said on Fox Footy.

“It can get in your vision when you’re marking the ball.”

It mattered little for St Kilda, which kicked 3.6 from 13 inside 50s to the Cats’ 0.0 in the third term as Peta Searle’s team showed off its potential. The Saints’ 11 shots at goal in the third quarter was the second-most in any stanza in AFLW history.

“That’s how we want to play our footy,” Shierlaw told Fox Footy post-game. “We’re really exciting when we move the ball and use our speed.

“We just wanted to get back to playing Saints footy.”

Saint’s stunning running goal | 00:52

Shierlaw’s pace was particularly noteworthy during the third term, running onto a loose ball inside 50, sprinting along the boundary then snapping a goal of the year contender on her right boot.

“She’s over six-foot, she’s hard to catch, she’s got long legs, she’s got speed to burn,” Birch told Fox Footy.

“You could see the confidence and how she wanted to kick that goal for her side and it really broke the game open.”

Shierlaw celebrated her goal passionately — but she won’t be watching the replay of her solo effort.

Kate Shierlaw kicked a brilliant goal for the Saints. Picture: Dylan BurnsSource: Getty Images

“We were trying to push up really high and get them out the back and I was just lucky enough that it bounced right into my arms and I tried to use my speed,” she said.

“I’m really embarrassed about the goal celebration. I don’t want to look at that.”

Shierlaw was one of five goalkickers for the Saints, with reigning leading AFLW goalkicker Caitlin Greiser booting an equal career-high three goals.

St Kilda’s young guns again impressed, particularly Tyanna Smith, who finished with 16 disposals and 11 tackles. Her pick-up and spearing kick to Jacqui Vogt in the fourth term was a brilliant highlight.

Second-year midfielder George Patrikios was again among the leading ball-winners on the ground, finishing with 17 disposals.

Geelong kicked 3.4 for the night — its highest score of 2021 to date — with veterans Richelle Cranston and Phoebe McWilliams both contributing one major each.

Kate McCarthy of the Saints. Picture: Dylan BurnsSource: Getty Images

The Cats had 16 more disposals and three more inside 50s in the first term but didn’t kick their first major until the second quarter.

Usual suspects Becky Webster (24 disposals), Amy McDonald (21), Olivia Purcell (19) and Meg McDonald (18) found plenty of the ball, but the Saints had more winners across the field.

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